Taiwan: Golden Waterfall

Golden Waterfall, which is located along the Jinshui Highway near the Jinguashi mining area in Taiwan, also appears a golden-yellow in color due to the large quantities of iron in the stream water. The iron minerals have been oxidized to a golden-yellow sand, which accumulates in the stream bed. This sand sparkles like gold in the sunlight, giving the waterfall its name.

Taiwan: Cijin Island

Cijin Island Kaohsiung is a small island just a 5 minute ferry (Cijin Ferry) journey from Kaohsiung Harbour in Taiwan.

Cijin Island is reputed to be the best place to eat fresh seafood in Kaohsiung.

You will be impressed by the quality and variety of seafood restaurants selling catch of the day in Cijin island.

On the Island, you’ll find a nice beach, a night market renowned for its fresh seafood, and an interesting Matsu Temple.

Taiwan: Glass Temple

Did you ever see glass temple?

This temple in Lugang, Taiwan is fully made of glass & lights up beautifully with reflections at night.

It combines religion with ecological construction which is an exclusive temple in the world. Wish you have chance to visit it someday.